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Getting started with Estimote, beacons, and microlocation
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How Beacons Work?
Proximity Beacons vs Location Beacons
What are Estimote Stickers?
Technical specifications of Beacons and Stickers
What are Broadcasting Power, RSSI and other characteristics of a beacon's signal?
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What is Estimote Cloud?
How to assign GPS location to beacons?
How to transfer beacons and manage ownership settings?
I cannot see my beacons in Estimote Cloud dashboard. How do I add them?
What are App ID and App Token and what do I need them for?
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What are region Monitoring and Ranging?
How beacons deliver content to devices?
How do I build my first app? - Useful resources
Pushing notifications from iBeacon when the app is in the background or killed?
Is it possible to use beacon ranging in the background?
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Can I order in bulk? What’s the volume pricing?
What is the shipping time?
Do you offer expedited shipping?
What payment methods do you accept?
Can I combine different products in one order?
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Apps and projects with Estimote
The icon of modern art puts Estimote beacons on display
Success as a Service: exploring the collaboration between Estimote and Cuseum
Disabled communities finding quality of life improvements with beacons
Ca’ Rezzonico: Estimote Indoor Location operating in a Venetian wonderland
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Indoor Location

What’s Estimote Indoor Location?
How to configure your beacons for Indoor Location?
How to set up a location in Estimote Indoor Location?
How to achieve the most accurate location measurement?
Does Indoor Location support Estimote Stickers? How does searching for nearables work?
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