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Getting started with Estimote, beacons, and microlocation
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How does an Estimote Beacon work?
What are Estimote Stickers?
How do I modify UUID, major and minor values?
How to optimize battery performance of Estimote Beacons?
Can I update settings of multiple beacons at once?
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First steps with Estimote Cloud
I cannot see my beacons in Estimote Cloud dashboard. How do I add them?
What are App ID and App Token and what do I need them for?
How to transfer beacons and manage ownership settings?
Is there a RESTful API for Estimote Cloud?
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Looking for developers for my project
How do I build my first app? - Useful resources
Which devices are compatible with Estimote Beacons?
How beacons deliver content to mobile devices?
Implementation advice for commercial deployments
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What payment methods do you accept?
Can I order beacons and stickers together?
Do you offer expedited shipping?
How long does it take to ship Estimote Beacons?
Can I order in bulk? What’s the volume pricing?
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Get inspired

GuestDriven creates personalized hotel experience with beacons
Office demo with Estimote Beacons
Prophets enrich the art experience at Rubens House Museum
Royalty - world's easiest coffee card
Your own iBeacon experience with 'Launch Here' app
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Indoor Location

What’s Estimote Indoor Location?
How to set up a location in Estimote Indoor Location?
How to achieve the most accurate location measurement?
How to configure your beacons for Indoor Location?
What to do after "No beacons were detected" during configuration step?
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