Estimote Automapping with UWB Location Beacons


Thanks to Estimote Indoor Location you can easily map indoor spaces and locate people and objects. Learn more about Estimote Indoor Location in another article. Estimote Automapping is our recent update, allowing to map an average room within 5 minutes.

What is Estimote Automapping?

Automapping is possible thanks to built-in Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio. The process is automatic as Beacons are ‘chatting’ with each other to determine their positions. The process is called a time-of-flight two-way ranging. We check how long it takes for a “message” to travel from one beacon to another and back. After, we use this time to measure the distances between with inch-level precision.


How do I map a room?

  1. Pick the room
  2. Run Estimote Indoor app (available on iOS for now)
  3. Place 4 beacons in the corners at your chest level
  4. Walk around the room
  5. Let us do the heavy-lifting as we measure the room shape
  6. The map is ready! Try the positioning
  7. Save the location in Estimote Cloud.

The app will guide you through each step.

The room map is saved to Estimote Cloud. You can access its details by logging into your Cloud account. It will also appear on the list of your locations in the Indoor app.

Next step is integrating the indoor positioning with your own app. You can do this with Indoor Location SDK in no time.

Automapping is available for iOS devices for now, but we are working on the Android version, so stay tuned!

Location Beacons with UWB

Currently, the automapping is possible with 4 UWB Beacons, so you can test it freely. We're working on the full version of that feature, so soon you'll be able to map a space as presented in the video or gif above!


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    Jacob Madden

    Do you have any data regarding repeatability of wall measurements when using UWB automapping? I ran 3 tests of the exact same setup in what I consider an ideal space and got a much larger variety of measurements between the three maps than expected. The space is wide open with high ceilings and three solid walls, beacons at chest level at same height.

    Actual wall measurements: 4.55m x 4.90m
    UWBmap1: 5.2m x 6.06m
    UWBmap2: 4.79m x 5.89m
    UWBmap3: 4.88m x 5.96m

  • Avatar

    I downloaded the latest version of Estimote and have been using Indoor Location App for automapping. Is it not working. I logged an issue under:

    Is there an Android version to try? Can someone help me with automapping?

Estimote is