What is Access Mode? How to enable it?


Access Mode allows you to choose between Development and Deployed & Protected mode, meaning you can either share your beacons with anyone or restrict the access to the owner only.


Access Mode is available for Location Beacons, Location Beacons with UWB and 2nd-gen Proximity Beacons.

Development mode

The Development Access Mode gives any app and user access to the beacon features usually restricted to the owner and authorized apps only — such as configuration or secure advertising. It's great for prototyping, hackathons, sharing in general. You just pass the dev kit, with no need to transfer the ownership, and your colleague can access all the features.

Deployed & Protected mode

Once the beacons are publicly deployed, you can lock them down so that only the owner can access them. Switch the Access Mode flag in the Estimote Cloud to "Deployed & Protected." The changes go into effect immediately without having to propagate them to beacons. Only you and the apps you authorize will be able to access all the protected features.

How do I enable it?

At this point, Location Beacons with UWB are shipped with Development mode enabled by default. You can change it in the Estimote Cloud and the Estimote app. In the Estimote Cloud, click "Edit Settings", you will find Access mode under "Device" section.



In the Estimote app (iOS and Android), Access mode is available below the"Owner" field. 


The Access modes is a great tool to collaborate on a beacon project or get to prototyping out-of-the-box. Have any comments or questions? We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a note at contact@estimote.com with "Access mode" in the subject line.


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