What's Estimote Here & Now?


Estimote Here & Now is a way of sending contextual notifications based on real-world location by using Location Beacons.

You might be wondering if there's more to it than just sending out a link to your website. There certainly is.

With Here & Now, you're getting:

  • Analytics (clicks, impressions, foot traffic)
  • Instant updates to the broadcasted links (without the need to connect to a beacon)
  • Ability to improve engagement by providing more details about the site.

Estimote Here & Now is built on top of Eddystone URL, and it has similar requirements — the people around your beacons will need to have Bluetooth Low Energy enabled on their smart devices, and the notifications will be delivered as silent notifications, or in the Chrome widget (on iOS).

That said, there are some considerable advantages — naturally.

First off, with Here & Now you're not limited to broadcasting just the URL. You can also configure a Title and a Description of your website. This gives you greater flexibility and enables you to provide much more information, leading to greater engagement.

Estimote uses a link shortener service to display your links, which means that the URL of your site will be displayed to the users as an estimote.com link. There are some pretty compelling reasons for that.

It enables us to provide you with detailed analytics on clicks and impressions, right in the Estimote Cloud interface.

Another serious advantage is that you won't need to connect to the beacon when you want to update the link (or fix that typo in the Description). Since the URL is resolved by Estimote servers, as soon as you update the link in the Estimote Cloud, all the beacons that broadcast it will automatically show the updated information.

The final benefit is that with Here & Now, you're able to use both HTTP & HTTPS links.


Read about setting up Here & Now for your beacons here.


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    Raja Prawin

    Hello, Rafal

    Is it necessary that my beacon should connect to the WIFI to update links or description? Please let me know that "Prerequisites" to update links.

    Example: I want to update a link which from somewhere through the cloud, how does it update in my particular beacon?


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