Beacons missing in the Estimote Cloud - different email address used


Just before we ship the beacons, we automatically assign them to the Cloud account matching the email address used to make a purchase. If you use the same email for both, your beacons will arrive safely to your Cloud account in no time. If you used a different email address, here are the steps that you can take to take control of your beacons:

Claim the beacons

Even though the beacons don't belong to any Cloud account, it's still possible to claim them from the email address used to make a purchase. First of all, get the Estimote app for either iOS or Android. Log in, open the Configuration menu and find the beacon that you're trying to claim. Click on it, you'll see that it doesn't belong to you. Now, simply click on the claim button.


Proceed with all the other beacons that you want to claim. Shortly after, the email address that you used to make a purchase will receive the following email:


Now, simply click on "Transfer Beacon" button and the beacon will be added to your account. Continue with this procedure for all the other beacons.

Create a Cloud account with the email address used to make a purchase

If claiming for some reason doesn't work or is too time-consuming (when you have dozens of beacons to add), try a different method. Log out from your Cloud account and create a new one with the email address used when ordering beacons. 


When you log in, you should see the beacons already waiting for you. If they don't appear, please wait for a few minutes and refresh the page.

Reach out to us and we'll sort it out

If none of these methods work, we'll need to assign the beacons manually to you. Please reach out to us at and include the following details:

  • an email address that was used to place an order or your order ID
  • number and type of beacons purchased
  • an email address associated with the Cloud account that the beacons should be added to.

Please keep in mind that by far the fastest ways to sort out the ownership, in this case, are the two methods described above. We'll be happy to help if for some reason they don't work for you.

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