Beacons missing in the Estimote Cloud - I purchased from an external vendor


We have many official and unofficial resellers who buy our beacons and then resell them on local markets. There are also various platforms that offer our beacons together with the access to the platform or as a complimentary service. Finally, you can find beacons on the popular sites like Amazon or eBay. 

Out of all these sites, the only official channel we use for selling our beacons (except for our website) is If you bought beacons from Amazon, they will come with an activation code which you can use to add beacons to your account. Enter it here. If it doesn't work for some reason - please let us know!

If you have a chance, we strongly encourage you to purchase beacons directly from our website. We ship to almost any country worldwide and most beacons ship on a daily basis. Your beacons or Stickers will also be automatically added to your Cloud account, without the need to claim or activate them.

If you bought beacons from any other site than or or purchased them from a physical store, the seller is solely responsible for transferring the beacons to your account. Reach out to them and have them arrange a transfer from their Cloud account. All they need to do is choose the beacons, click on "Transfer" and insert your email address. The beacon(s) will shortly appear on your Cloud account. If you bought from a 3rd party seller, we have no record of your transaction and might not be able to help - that's why it's best if you sort out the ownership with them directly.



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