Are my beacons compatible with Estimote Monitoring?


Estimote Monitoring works with:

  • Proximity Beacons, hardware revision G
  • Location Beacons, hardware revision F
  • Location Beacons with UWB, hardware revision I

Beacons shipped after September 2017 have Estimote Monitoring enabled by default. If you bought the beacons earlier, you can easily enable them in the Estimote app, check how to do it here.

The new Proximity demo as well as the App Templates in the Estimote Cloud work on the top of Estimote Monitoring. This means they won't work with previous generation Estimote Beacons.


Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of things you can do with the beacons that don’t work with Estimote Monitoring. You can easily build your own demo apps with the code snippets we included in our documentation.


Estimote first-generation Proximity Beacons (hardware revision D)

First generation Proximity Beacons were the first devices that we have ever shipped. We were producing them between 2012 and 2016 and they were called just "Estimote Beacons" at that time.

  1. Head here for the step-by-step tutorial on building a simple iOS app with Estimote Proximity SDK and iBeacon
  2. Head to Eddystone tutorial to learn how to detect Eddystone packets with Estimote stack.


Estimote Stickers

Estimote Stickers are designed to be attached to different objects to create “nearables”. The Nearable packet is the most powerful tool to use, here’s how to utilize it:

  1. Go to this tutorial to build a simple Nearable app.
  2. Check out the Showroom demo showcasing the motion-triggered events. It’s available for iOS and Android.  


Why use Estimote Monitoring though?

Estimote Monitoring is the default protocol for the new-generation Estimote Beacons. We switched to it after more than a year of work on the reliability of enter/exit proximity events. With Estimote Monitoring:

  • the enter/exit events are more reliable: they trigger faster, there are less false exit events
  • the enter/exit events trigger at the distance defined by your code rather than the broadcasting power
  • there are multiple enter/exit zones per beacon and you can adjust their distances on your own
  • there are no limits as to how many regions you can monitor for


Even if you decide to stick with iBeacon or Eddystone, don't worry. There’s plenty of resources for you to use!

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