How do I enable the Eddystone Configuration Service and Google Beacon Tools?


What is the Eddystone Configuration Service?

You can think of it as a way to manage your beacons through the Google Beacon Dashboard, or the Beacon Tools app.

How can I enable it?

You can enable it on Estimote Location Beacons using the Estimote Cloud UI. Start by disabling every packet on your beacon (including any Eddystone packet) — don't worry, you'll be able to turn them back on through the Beacon Tools app.

You'll also need the Estimote App, and the Google Beacon Tools app.




Eddystone Configuration Service is available in the Estimote Cloud, under the 'Edit Settings" button. Once you enable it, connect to the beacon in the Estimote app to apply the change.

Afterwards, you can provision and set up the beacon using the Beacon Tools app. The default hex key is 00000000000000000000000000000000 — remember to update it later via the Beacon Tools App!

NOTE: Keep in mind that enabling the Eddystone Configuration Service means beacons will only work with the Google Developer Platform. To use Estimote Cloud, you would need to revert the settings. To do that, open the beacon's settings in Estimote Cloud, then turn Eddystone Configuration Service to Off, and connect to the beacon using the Estimote app or the Deployment app.

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