Can I use Estimote SDK with Xamarin/PhoneGap/other?


Right now we only provide official support for iOS and Android. You can find Estimote SDK on GitHub. However, our partners are hard at work to bring contextual computing with beacons to more platforms.

Check out the list of 3rd party SDKs with detailed comments on our Developer Portal.


Xamarin provides official support for the Estimote SDK. They have released components that support both the iBeacon packet Estimote Beacons broadcast by default, and the Nearable packet that’s broadcast by Estimote Stickers.


Linux (Raspberry Pi & Intel Edison) and OS X

Node.js bleacon library works on OS X & Linux systems, including Raspberry Pi and Intel Edison. Check our the full list of supported platforms here. Bleacon supports iBeacon and Nearable packets.

Windows 10 

Windows 10 has a built-in Bluetooth Low Energy API.There's a topic on our forums devoted to API usage for iBeacon detection. There’s also a ready-made beacon library for Windows 10, with support for iBeacon and Eddystone packets.

Elsewhere you will find a list of resources for various technologies and frameworks that can be used with beacons.

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