Do beacons running iBeacon track/store any user data?


Estimote Beacons are radio transmitters that broadcast small data packets, containing either their ID or URL addresses. They can't track you and don't store any data about a user’s device.

Beacon-enabled apps

Just like any apps and web services, those based on beacons also can collect, store and utilize user data. To understand how a particular app can use your data, read the publisher’s privacy policy.

Estimote also provides an analytics tool to measure the number of interactions with beacons in apps. Find out about details elsewhere in our Knowledge Base.

Apple takes users’ privacy very seriously, and so do we. iBeacon standard is opt-in by design. This means that every app using iBeacon needs to first ask the user for permission to access Location Services. Such permission can be revoked anytime. And if you feel there’s an app using Estimote Beacons with malicious intent, please inform us: we’ll investigate immediately.

If you want your solution to be compatible with the iBeacon protocol, you need to comply with Apple's guidelines, including its Location Services permissions system.

Estimote Account information

If you’re developing an app using Estimote technology, we can track data associated with usage of Estimote SDK and Estimote Cloud. We mostly do that for the sake of support and gathering product feedback/analytics. Some of the information we gather:

  • Information about beacons and stickers stored in Estimote Cloud
  • Information about Location stored in Estimote Cloud
  • IDs of apps created in Estimote Cloud
  • API calls

For details, please refer to Estimote Terms of Service.

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    Dave Harry

    Hi Ola, can i see the analytics tools that Estimote will be provide?because my app need some information about the activity of the user .thanks..

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    Ola Puchta

    Dave, we're still working on this feature. Please send me a message: ola at

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