Where is the beacon's on/off switch?


Estimote Beacons arrive switched on and can not be completely switched off. There is no power button. The small recessed pit is simply part of the industrial design and does not serve any functional purpose.

Conditional broadcasting

The beacon cannot be turned off, but if you need to stop it from broadcasting for testing or preserving battery life, you can do that with conditional broadcasting. It makes beacons go ‘mute’ if specific conditions, based on sensor readings, are met.

Currently, there are three conditional broadcasting modes:

  • Flip to Sleep: beacon is mute when it’s on its back
  • Motion Only: beacon is mute when it’s still
  • Motion UUID: beacon is always on (therefore does not conserve battery), but broadcasts a different UUID when in motion

Location Beacons additionally support:

  • Dark to Sleep mode: beacon is mute at certain light level.
  • Scheduled advertising: beacon broascasts only during set period.

Learn how to enable conditional broadcasting.

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    Germán Larraín

    So, when the batery is gone, can you replace the battery?

  • Avatar
    Agnieszka Steczkiewicz


    Normally the battery should last 2 years. You can replace the battery by opening gently the beacon but mind that this will slightly demage the enclosure. The bartery it’s CR2045.

    More on 'What's inside an Estimote beacon': beekn.net/2013/11/whats-inside-an-estimote

  • Avatar
    Tom Wilcoxen

    I just received my beacons (yay!), but they don't come up in the Estimote app. I have an iPhone 5 with the latest version of the Estimote app. I have Bluetooth enabled and have tried turning it off and then on again. I've quite and re-launched the Estimote app, but nada. Any tips?

  • Avatar
    Tom Wilcoxen

    Never mind, I fixed this by deleting and re-downloading the Estimote app.

  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Tom,

    Glad it works all right. Let us know if there's anything else.


  • Avatar
    Allen Liu

    I got Estimote beacon hardware and installed Estimote iOS app in iPhone5s with iOS7.1.1. Phone bluetooth is ON, but Estimote app on phone cannot find any beacon. App page "Beacons in range" continues running radar scanning, but no beacon is found.


  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Allen,

    It's a known issue with iOS 7.1 Bluetooth stack. Rebooting your iPhone should help. Please refer to this article for more details: https://community.estimote.com/hc/en-us/articles/201872076-Issues-with-detecting-beacons-in-iOS-7-1-


  • Avatar
    Murali Dharan

    When I unpack the three beacons I just find one from the radar screen. Same observation both in iOS8 and Android 4.4.4 (Nexus 5). Is it because all three have same UUID - and the radar app can't tell signals apart?

  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Murali,

    What's the firmware and hardware version of the working beacon? Were the beacons impossible to the detect from day one?

    It might be a problem with the battery, so it would be best if you just wirte to me: wojtek@estimote.com


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