Do I Have to Use Estimote's SDK?


You can use Apple's CoreLocation Framework (or similar solution for other platforms supporting Bluetooth Smart) to discover beacons, but if you'd like to manage Estimote beacons to set UUID, major, minor, distance, etc. you must use our SDK.

Also, more advanced features, like sensor data from accelerometer and temperature sensor, are only available through the SDK.

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    Andre Muis

    Can't I just discover the services and characteristics of your iBeacons using CoreBluetooth and set these values myself? What would prevent me from doing that?

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    Ula Kierwiak

    Hi Andre,

    I'm sorry we missed your question.

    You may be able to read some values from the beacon using CoreBluetooth, but our SDK provides full functionality and interaction.

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    khushboo sharma

    Can I use Apple CoreLocation Framework and CoreBluetooth framework with Estimote like other iBeacon?

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    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Khushboo,

    You can use CL and CB, but we recommend using our SDK to have access to all additional features (security, triggers, cloud integration etc.). The benefits are described in a newer article (this one is outdated and we will be removing it soon):


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