Tagging forms with Estimote Beacons


You could be using your Estimote Beacons within an hour of unpacking them – no programming required! iBeacons are not just for retail and marketing; they help you make sense of the world around you.

Here's one way you can use them across your business process to drive down costs and speed up workflow. It's not just convenient for your staff, it also improves accuracy, traceability and accountability by pushing jobs out to the right people at the right time.

Using Red Starfish on your iPad lets you escape from paper forms and manual data re-entry. You'll save time and money while keeping your information safe and available. With measured savings of 58% and full cost recovery (including the iPad!) after just 200 jobs, there’s a real edge to be gained by integrating your mobile colleagues with the rest of the business.

Build what you want with a drag and drop system. Swipe right-left on your form's title (see the video below): you can set the app to create a new, blank form to fill out whenever the iPad comes within range of your iBeacon. Alternatively, choose an existing 'draft' form and tag it with the iBeacon. When the iPad is within range of the beacon, the user will get an alert to complete the job.

This could be a great way to push jobs to colleagues over the air, prompting them to do the right thing in the right place. And you're in complete control – if your business process changes, or you get a new idea or opportunity, simply drag and drop to change the form design or build an additional process.

You can try it out for free. Find out how: http://starfishci.com/features/ibeacons/ 

By pushing jobs to your staff at the ideal moment, this app created by Red Starfish helps speed up workflow and improve accuracy.

Read more on Starfish website.

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