New version of Android SDK released


We are happy to announce new version of Android SDK.

 - getting more stable thanks to developer's feedback
 - exciting new feature: region monitoring
 - see full changelog here

Estimote Android app also has been updated with proximity demos (distance demo, proximity demo, notification demo). App is almost the same as iOS one.

Start building around Estimote beacons on Android today!

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    Agnieszka Steczkiewicz

    Now with Android SDK you can also change UUID, minor, major, advertising interval and broadcasting power.

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    From where I can have example for android having source code for proximity and notify demo apps?

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    Wojtek Borowicz

    Please take a look at our GitHub rep :)

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    Robert Yeo

    I'm beginning Java programming, I added the jar file to my libs directory in intellij and marked it as a library but I can't reference the package....did I miss anything?

    I also tried to examine the jar file via jar tf estimote-sdk-preview.jar but it stated invalid zip file...


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    Ula Kierwiak

    Hi Robert,

    Your jar file is corrupted, you must have downloaded it wrongly which happens on GitHub sometimes.

Estimote is