David Thauberger: Road Trips & Other Diversions


Adding the contextual layer that Estimote Beacons can provide is especially rewarding with art exhibitions. "Road Trips & Other Diversions" by David Thauberger is a superb example of this partnership in action. A touring exhibition, it has its own Beacon app tied to a highly engaging and informative website.

The David Thauberger: Road Trips & Other Diversions app uses Estimote Beacons dispersed around the gallery to provide visitors with a ton of extra content. This includes a full-screen photo, a video about the piece, the locations that provided inspiration, and more. You can also add pieces of art to favorites, or leave a comment.

The extra content is provided by the curators of the exhibition and David Thauberger himself. This provides a uniquely rich layer of additional insight into Thauberger's works.


The "Road Trips & Other Diversions" app works in both English and French. Although originally made by the Mendel Art Gallery, it will be used in other galleries hosting this exhibition across Canada.

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