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Fairs are a great place to take advantage of Estimote Beacons’ ability to enrich the user experience in conjunction with a context based mobile app. Norwegian company created just such an app for Hagemessen (the Oslo Garden Show) at Norges Varemesse. The app provides attendees with stacks of extra info about the fair and exhibitors, depending on their physical location at any given moment.

Visitors have easy access to basic information about how to get there, and where to go once they are. There is also a full searchable list of exhibitors and an interactive map of the hall.

The app works as a personal planner, enabling the creation of a personalized route through the venue, taking notes about specific exhibitors and importing contact information directly to your phone.

A motivational Bargain Hunt spices up the experience. The app alerts visitors when they are near one of the convention’s special offers.

“The Norges Varemesse [convention center] is about 40,000 sqm and a large number of exhibitors provide special offers during the show. By using iBeacons, we can guide the user towards offers from the different vendors and give the customer a unique, motivating experience.”

“The feedback from end-users was very positive and there was a lot of excitement generated by receiving offers as you approach a stand,” said Ina Østensjø from


A big thank you to the author, Cameron Palmer, and principal developer, Håkon Bogen, for letting us know about the project and sharing the feedback! You can download the app here:

Are you working on an Estimote Beacon enabled venue experience? Write to us: and we'll be happy to feature your project in our catalogue.

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    Edmond To

    how many Beacons installed on this fairs,
    how the apps development times to handle this scale.
    what the difficulty to build this apps.

    thanks for the sharing.

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    Ola Puchta

    Hi Edmond,

    Thanks for your question.
    Please write to me directly (ola at and I might be able to put you in contact with the authors, who will be able to answer your questions.


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