Estimote Beacons in Education and Schools


Edtech visionary and ADE Paul Hamilton shows how iBeacons can be used in education to create learning zones. This is one of the first examples in the world and it's just a tip of the iceberg!

More videos of Paul Hamilton an edtech pioneer and the first person in the world to implement iBeacon technology in education sector here.

Also, be sure to visit JNXYZ Education website. It's the go-to resource base for anyone interested in how Beacons can help education improve and innovate. You'll find useful links, use cases and list of people involved in developing this technology.

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    Simon Wardman

    Paul, these activities look terrific. I can think of so many learning activities for my international students and language students! I’d love to incorporate a few BLE beacons into our M-Learning Project - how do I get involved?
    Simon - Course leader: International foundation | Central College Nottingham

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    Agnieszka Steczkiewicz

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for your comment! There is ineed great potential for beacon technology in education sector. Let us know if you have any specific idea that we could help you with. Also feel free to reach me to discuss the details.

    If you are looking for developer check out this section:


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