Recording Britain with Estimote Beacons


Recording Britain app was created by Llama Digital for Recording Britain exhibition organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and it's the first beacon implementation in UK gallery.

The exhibition is a rich collection of watercolours and drawings presenting how Britain has been changing during the World War II. With the app and its videos from British Pathe and readings of John Betleman poems users can have a better sense of what Britain was like.

Beacons are used to detect the user’s position within the exhibition and display relevant content.

"We were looking for a way to solve the problem of indoor positioning in museums and galleries. We had been exploring other methods such as using Wi-Fi fingerprinting but around that time Apple announced the inclusion of iBeacons in iOS7 and that looked like offering a much better way forward"
says Stephen Elliott founder of Llama Digital. 

The App was build on platform developed also by Llama Digital. It's a solution that makes easy to manage mobile apps for museums and galleries. Read more how it works here

The app is now available also for Android.

You can see this exhibition in the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield from 3rd April to 2nd November 2014. And for those who can't visit the exhibition here is a short video:

Check out also indoor positioning experiments by Llama Digital here.

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