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Happy Hour Pal is the top mobile app among food lovers in Hawaii, San Diego, Portland and the Hamptons. It helps them discover great, affordable offers for tasty meals and fancy drinks in their neighbourhood. Now Happy Hour Pal joins forces with Estimote to deliver information about interesting deals to its users with even more location context!

In the latest update to its mobile app, Happy Hour Pal rolled out support for Estimote Beacons, which are now being installed at bars, clubs and restaurant that are using the platform to push their menus and offers to potential customers. Now you can not only look up where and when are happy hours starting and what’s the best deal for today, but also be notified that this cool pub you’ve just went by while strolling through Waikiki has shots for half the price for the next two hours. Eating out and pub crawling has just become more interesting and affordable!

Now using Estimote beacons, we at Happy Hour Pal are able to help our users to never again miss a great special, by sending an automated push notification about the special they might have missed on the restaurant's sidewalk chalkboard sign while walking by. Even cooler, is the push we can now send to our users warning them that their beloved happy hour is about to end so that they can get that last round in, even if their server is busy! Thank you Estimote! says Papiloa Jourdan, Director of Marketing at Happy Hour Pal.

Don’t hesitate! Join Happy Hour Pal growing community of over 60,000 foodies and discover tastiest places in Hawaii, San Diego, Portland and the Hamptons!

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