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You can already hear everywhere, that the simplest solutions are usually also the best ones. Well, as much as overused that phrase might be, often it’s also true. It’s the case with Bubble - an online platform for tagging Estimote Beacons with online addresses. Now you can make places, products or events connected to your users and visitors, simply by pushing specific URLs to their smartphones whenever they approach given location. Engaging with context has never been so easy!

 The tool is really simple to use and doesn’t require you to dive into coding or hacking. You can just sign into the Bubble web portal or download the straightforward Bubble Tag Manager for iOS. Then all you need to do is assign specific URLs to your Estimote Beacons and… see the magic happen!

To discover the web content behind Beacons, you’ll also need Bubble Browser - the first web browser with iBeacon capabilities. 

You can check Bubble yourself right here.

The iOS Bubble app is available on iTunes.

Bubble Browser, the first iBeacon-enabled browser, is also on iTunes.

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