Estimote Beacons - best practices for implementation


Over 20,000 developers are already using Estimote technology. That represents hundreds of thousands of hours of experience and learning - and we’re proud to be able to feed some of that back to our community.

We’ve asked practitioners to share their best practices at the recent Bitspiration conference and made videos with their presentations.

We're happy to share them here with you.

Enrich your app with real life context in 1 hour Marcin Klimek

Senior iOS Engineer at Estimote, Inc. presents a walkthrough for developers explaining the basics of iBeacon technology and building context enriched apps.


Bringing Context Home - Bernd Plontsch

Co-Founder of Aww Apps, author of Launch Here and Travel Radar apps presents his findings on exploring new options to solve everyday tasks in effortless and effective ways using beacons.


The use of iBeacons - Lucas Caesens

Presentation by the Creative Technologist at Prophets, the brain behind the Rubens House iBeacon app gives an insight on all the stages in the research for the iBeacon app as well as an overview on the flow and possibilities of the future.


UX challenges with iBeacon technology - Floris Boekel,  Jeroen de Lange 

CEO and Creative Director of LabWerk, who have recently implemented Estimote Beacons at the Tulpenland theme park and launched mApp content delivery platform, show some changes in UI design and workflow for an app using iBeacon technology.

We’re looking forward to your thoughts on iBeacon projects. What challenges have you faced? What is your advice for people starting a project with Estimote Beacons?

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