Dating apps join the contextual computing revolution with BLINQ


You have certainly already heard of Tinder, the current darling of digital dating fans. It’s a great mobile solution for most of the common problems troubling dating platforms users. However, there’s a strong contender coming up in the Swiss market right now. BLINQ has already launched in Zurich and is looking to bring even more real world context to the whole experience.

BLINQ works in a similar way to Tinder, securely using your Facebook profile to match you with people you might be interested in. If you like them, you just swipe their photo in the right direction to say ‘Hi’. You’ll be notified and connected only if there’s mutual interest. However, BLINQ community is curated, so only reviewed profiles get accepted. What’s even more interesting though, is the clever use of Estimote Beacons, which were installed in a host of Zurich clubs and bars. Thanks to that, you can use a feature allowing you to use local context to find only the people nearby. That’s speed dating for you!

So, Swiss people, what are you waiting for? You can already download BLINQ on App Store. Who knows, maybe that’s a start of something great?

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