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Remembering to take a bunch of pills regularly can be a nightmare. Whether it’s vitamins or an important antibiotic, you can’t afford to forget, even once. You could program a reminder on your phone, but how often have you looked at a notification, thought: “Oh, I have to do that,” and then immediately returned to your Facebook feed instead. Wouldn’t it be better to get that reminder when you’re actually standing near your pills? Adam Miller, from UI Design by Adam, has created a beautifully designed app that combines the classic phone reminder with physical context provided by Estimote Beacon technology.



The idea is simple – place a beacon near your pills, and PillAware gives you the information and reminders you need depending on your physical location.

We asked Adam why he developed the app:

“I came up with the idea for PillAware because I was using two separate apps to help remind myself to take my pills. I started developing PillAware before I even knew what an iBeacon was, and when I learned what iBeacons could do, it accelerated my plans. Originally I just wanted to have a great app for tracking when I took my pills, but iBeacons made it possible to improve my results based on relevant locations.”


Downloadable from the AppStore.

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