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There is already a number of cool, smart and context-aware apps available: why don’t check them out for a great representation of the Internet of Things? We have presented to you some of them already, but there is more.

The Roomie Remote is definitely worth mentioning. It's a cool app that makes your life easier, allowing a remote control of home entertainment systems. It’s Beacon-enabled too!

Don’t worry Android users, there are also solutions for you: if you have Tasker or Locale installed, you should definitely also check out a plugin called iBeaconTasker, which was developed by Ken Kyger. It also works in a similar way to Launch Here, so you can just imagine it as IFTTT for the physical space around you. Give it a try on your Nexus or other Android 4.3+ device and start playing with all the fantastic possibilities!

Have fun with these mobile apps and Estimote Beacon integrated solutions! If you have other Estimote beacon-related projects or are building a context-aware application yourself, please don’t hesitate to post them here or reach out to us via email or Twitter.

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    ∆٩ Tim Sweeney

    how well can these interface with augmented reality functions of the camera?

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    Ula Kierwiak

    Hi Tim,

    It depends which app are you referring to. I think its creators will be able to give you the fullest answer, so it's with contacting them with your questions.

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