World Cup was much more fun with PMU and Estimote


Maybe the French didn’t perform as well at the World Cup as many expected, but people watching the tournament in France could certainly enjoy the tournament anyway. French bookmaking company, PMU, partnered with Eficiens and Estimote to make sure that they do. While Pogba, Benzema & co. were doing their best in Brazil, people at PMU location played their own games… of table football!

Opération Coupe du Monde iBeacon. Faites un Baby "connecté" avec le PMU ! from Eficiens on Vimeo.


 During the four weeks of FIFA World Cup, PMU ran a special promotion across France. If you spent 2 euro on placing a bet, you’d get a free token for a game at table football. To make the experience more engaging, they teamed up with Eficiens and Estimote to create an app associated with a contest they simultaneously held online. Besides just having fun at PMU locations, the best table football players could also actually win World Cup balls and T-shirts.

Estimote Beacons were placed at 200 PMU locations all across France, making it possible to reach out to thousand of people. Thanks to that, customers and visitors were provided with notifications about the ongoing promotion. And, of course, about a chance to get a game of a table football as an addition to a bet!


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