shopstar: engage your customers in retail


After first catching on with thousands of developers worldwide, Beacons have recently started to gain enormous traction in business environments around the globe. In just this past month Virgin Atlantic has implemented Estimote Beacons at Heathrow Airport and Cover has reinvented the dining experience with this technology. Now Beacons are being rolled out across Germany, with shopstar enabling brick-and-mortar retailers to engage customers more effectively with their proximity-based mobile platform.

shopstar is a digital platform, allowing merchants to directly engage with their clients through mobile devices. It’s a bit like in the old days, when your local mom-and-pop store was run by people who knew the whole neighbourhood and would greet you with a friendly smile and personalized help. shopstar delivers that experience to the modern world. Throughout Germany there are a number of shopstar-powered stores, all of them marked on a map in the shopstar app. In each location you’ll be able to discover products and offers just when you need them and have fun while collecting stars during shopping. And customer service is always just one click away, as the whole experience wouldn’t really be complete without human interaction. Because shopping is something you can and should enjoy!

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