Roomaps uses Estimote Beacons to provide indoor location for Daimler’s future-dealership


Daimler, manufacturer of famous Mercedes-Benz cars, started working on a proof-of-concept auto dealership in Germany. Naturally, it also needed an amazing digital experience accompanying the visitors, along with context awareness and a really advanced indoor navigation system. This is where Roomaps kicked in, with its state-of-the-art platform based on Estimote Beacons (you can see the video right here).

Roomaps is a German startup creating indoor location solution for its clients. Their technology is based on Estimote Beacons and an additional layer of particle filter software, built specifically to provide best possible performance for navigation in indoor environment. Daimler requested Roomaps to build a custom app for their new proof-of-concept Mercedes-Benz auto dealership of the future. Estimote Beacons were installed underneath cars on display - thanks to that Roomaps was able not only to build accurate indoor location along with a smart navigation system, but also provide users with contextual information about specific points of interest at the dealership - mainly vehicles on display.

You can see how the Daimler future-dealership proof of concept looks and works like under this link.

For Roomaps, Daimler is just the beginning. The strongest part of their platform is how easy it is to customize the experience. It’s both possible to build a brand new app from scratch, or integrate the technology into an already existing application. It also comes with a sleek web app for managing the whole venue and its digital experience - truly a tool for retail showroom of the future.

Our target is not only to give you a helpful indoor navigation service for your smartphones. Much more important for us is to provide you a better visual impression, what you can expect inside a local store - so our mission is to merge all the wonderful experience of online shopping to the traditional local experience said Pascal Hesselmeier, Co-Founder and Business Developer of Roomaps.

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