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Coupa Cafe is one of the coolest coffee shops around Palo Alto. What makes it so special is that crowds of founders, investors and Silicon Valley current and future stars go there often to discuss all-things-startup. An immeasurable amount of cool ideas was spawned there and the innovation is still happening! Coupa Cafe has just become the proving ground for Downtown app - a fantastic mobile solution, leveraging Estimote Beacons to bring dining and shopping experience to a new level.

Thanks to the Downtown iPhone app, customers at Coupa Cafe can place their orders easier than ever before. The whole friction associated with waiting in the queue has been removed, as all you need to do is tap on the iPhone to order snacks and a cup of good coffee. Your phone already knows you’re there, because the Downtown app has been triggered by an Estimote Beacon nearby, so you’ll be automatically prompted to place the order. But there’s so much more to the whole experience than just the ordering system! It allows for quick payments with a single click, pushing offers to users with context of time and location, or implementing dynamic pricing! That’s why it’s not just an interesting offering for managers at bars and restaurants, but an end-to-end solution designed to disrupt the whole process of shopping and ordering.

What’s the overall experience? Nothing could sum it up better than words of one of the Coupa Cafe’s customers and a user of Downtown app: Queuing up seems pointless after you experience the ease of ordering directly from your phone and seeing what you are about to eat. It’s like being on Yelp and seeing the pictures of what the restaurant offers… but being able to buy it on the spot through a one click-transaction.

Feel like checking out the new way shopping and dining out works? Download Downtown app from the App Store right now!

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