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Launch Center Pro is one of the most popular app launchers out there. That’s for a reason: it gives you almost unlimited number of possible combinations, which, in turn, means a possibility of creating a truly contextual mobile experience. Couple of weeks ago they took another big step in that direction, by adding iBeacon support.

So, how does it work? It’s super simple! Just place a beacon in a place you’d like your smartphone to be aware of. Then use Launch Center Pro to connect given apps with specific actions, which will be performed as you approach or leave this beacon’s range. Want to see your Wunderlist or Google Calendar as you sit at your desk in the office? Launch Spotify as you enter your car? Send message to your flatmate if you leave the apartment in a given timeframe? Thanks to support for beacons, Launch Center lets you do that!

That’s of course just the tip of the iceberg. This fantastic app allows you to do much more and design complex, multi-level scenarios. Just give it a try: it’s available on iTunes.

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