NearTheX - Set To Change the Life of an Admin Near You


The life of a sysadmin is not an easy one. Day in, day out, these guardians of the world’s
server rooms must patrol their charges, tirelessly checking for hiccups, glitches and
looming catastrophes.

It’s a life that involves a lot of bending over and craning of necks to peer at oddly
positioned monitors, scrutinizing the heart beats of the data boxes that underpin the
modern world.

And all those monitors aren’t cheap.

Jason Langone of Nutanix thought there had to be a better way, and saw Estimote Beacon
technology as the key. He developed an app, called NearTheX, to save the neck muscles
of Nutanix admins across the globe.

NearTheX allows the data centre to speak to the admin. Interacting with strategically
positioned Estimote Beacons, the admin’s smartphone receives vital information from
each cluster as he physically approaches it.

Arriving in each beacon zone, the admin sees something like this:


“I found Estimote very easy to pick up. I'm not a developer by trade, so the documentation – (and more importantly, the sample code) was key for me to get started.” - Jason told us. He currently uses the technology for conferences, trade shows and technical user groups.

With admins everywhere freed from the necessity of bending down and twisting to catch sight of cluster monitors, the only concern remains for potentially expanding waistlines. 


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