What’s Estimote Indoor Location? Why should I use it?


Estimote Indoor Location is software for mapping indoor environments that allows you to locate people or objects down to few meters. With the Indoor Location app, SDK for iOS and SDK for Android, developers can easily set up interactive locations and incorporate them into apps.

Indoor Location is based on beacons and advanced data science for establishing the position of users and objects. Its degree of precision depends on the location's shape and size.

Setting up your location

To start you need at least one Estimote UWB Location Beacon per wall. It’s important to use Estimote UWB Location Beacons or Estimote Location Beacons - you cannot set up a location with  Estimote Proximity Beacons, Estimote Stickers or beacons from other vendors.

There are two ways to create a location with Estimote Indoor Location:

  • with the app: good for testing and prototyping
  • with the SDK: good for building your own app

Read another article to learn about setting up a location:

How to set up a location?

Why Indoor Location SDK?

With the SDK, you can easily implement Indoor Location in your own app! The Indoor Location SDK enables you to:

  • set up a location manually (you can draw a room with coordinates)
  • embed a built-in Location View - a map of your location with your current position marked on it - think Apple’s Map View, but for indoor!
  • the Location View is fully configurable - customize its appearance, show and hide labels or leave a trace of your movement
  • get raw positioning data - your coordinates (x, y) and orientation
  • save and load locations to and from Estimote Cloud

To get started visit Estimote Developer Portal.

The mapping wizard and the Location Builder API are currently iOS-only, so dust your iPhone off or borrow one from a friend.

Download Indoor Location SDK for iOS from GitHub.

After mapping your space you can choose to continue working on iOS or change to Android!

Download Indoor Location SDK for Android from GitHub.


Where can I use Estimote Indoor Location?

You can use it in retail to navigate your customer through shelves. In hospitals to guide doctors, patients and visitors. On airports, to show travellers to their gates: the possibilities are endless! Also, thanks to integration with nearables and the search for the physical world, you can create a new layer of interactions with apps.

Read more about nearables and Indoor Location:

Does Indoor Location support Estimote Stickers? How does searching for nearables work?

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5 Comment(s)

  • Avatar
    Fabian Weyerstall

    Do you use the Indoor Location Api from Apple with Location Points and Mapping to a Map or do you use Triangulation for positioning? Best Regards

  • Avatar
    Ula Kierwiak

    Hi Fabian,

    Our Data Scientists worked out a combination of different methods, but I'm afraid it's highly confidential. I'm sorry I can't help you more with that.

  • Avatar
    Asheesh Vashishtha

    Hello there,

    I had a question w.r.t using Indoor location SDK and your regular Estimote SDK. These two are separate SDKs with overlapping functionality? Do I have to use both in my app to take advantage of the indoor location feature or is there a plan to combine these in a single SDK? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    khushboo sharma

    What is the best Indoor SDK or regular Estimote SDK?

  • Avatar
    Ula Kierwiak

    Hi Khushboo,

    It very much depends on your needs. If you want to build an Indoor Location system, you'd benefit most from using Indoor SDK. If you develop a regular context-aware app with beacons, our regular SDK should be enough.

    Hi Asheesh,

    Our SDKs were designed for completely other functions, so they don't have overlapping functionality and we don't expect to combine them. I hope it's not a big problem for your development process.

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