New furniture shopping experience by Inhofer


One of the largest European furniture shopping centers has just introduced an app for customers using Estimote Beacons. The mall is one of the first to incorporate this technology and is located in Ulm, Germany.

The app provides customers with additional information about the furniture they are currently close to.

Main features of Swimp are special offers, indoor games, raffles and additional product information. There is also a game where users hunt for letters hidden in the Inhofer interior center. Additionally store provides its clients with content that can help making purchase decisions like '3 tips when buying a kitchen' or 'how to find the perfect bed'.

Customers seem to like the new possibilities offered by the store: We just started some of weeks ago, but main feedback so far is that users enjoy to discover special offers and that it’s fun to go for the letter hunt. (...) people asked us already to expand our offers and indoor information to more spots within Inhofer. - says Niklas Dorn.

Inhofer is also planning to expand this service within the next months.

We believe that information should be connected to location. The beacon technology makes it possible. By doing that you make it more relevant and therefore more useful to customers. - says Dorn.


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