What are App ID and App Token and what do I need them for?


If you’re building an app that uses Estimote Cloud API, leverages some unique features of our SDK, or connects directly to beacons (e.g. to update settings), you will need to use the App ID and App Token. Think of them as login and password to your Estimote Account that you put in code, so that Estimote Cloud can authenticate you and authorize access.

Exemplary cases where the App ID and App Token will be required:

  • your app is requesting direct access to a beacon
  • you’re connecting to a beacon with Estimote SDK
  • you’re using Secure UUID
  • you’re using Analytics
  • your app is monitoring for someone else's beacons (see Infrastructure Sharing below).

Where do I find my App ID and App Token?

To get your App ID and App Token:

  1. log into Estimote Cloud at cloud.estimote.com
  2. navigate to the Apps section
  3. if you don’t have any apps yet, create one now. You can read more about apps elsewhere: Why do I need Apps in Estimote Cloud?
  4. The App ID and App Token are displayed under name of each app on the list.

Where in the code do I include the ID and Token?

To set App ID and App Token, use the following method in Estimote SDK:

// iOS
[ESTConfig setupAppID:@"appid" andAppToken:@"apptoken"];
// Android
EstimoteSDK.initialize(applicationContext, "YOUR APP ID", "YOUR APP TOKEN");

A good place to put this code in is:

  • on iOS, your AppDelegate object and its application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method. Example.
  • on Android, the onCreate method of your Application object. Example.

Infrastructure Sharing

In some cases you might want someone else's apps to be able to detect your beacons. For example if an airport deploys a beacon network, it might want apps of airlines to be able to access those beacons. App ID is used for that along with a feature called Infrastructure Sharing.

Infrastructure Sharing is described in detail in another article:

What is Infrastructure Sharing? How to share beacons?

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  • Avatar
    Tomas Adolfo Lara Tenorio

    Hi, the Estimote Cloud link is broken

  • Avatar
    Witek Socha

    Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for noticing that. It works now.


  • Avatar
    Asheesh Vashishtha

    Thanks Wojtek. I'm evaluating the use of different beacon providers for my iOS and Android apps, and find Estimote pretty useful. W.r.t your above article, I understand that appid and app token would be required to modify the beacons through the Estimote SDK, but would these be needed as well, if one were to modify the beacon settings using your demo app? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Asheesh,

    No - our demo app uses your login credentials for Estimote Cloud (email address and Estimote Cloud password) to authorize your access :)


  • Avatar
    Rui Couto

    Basically your demo app gets the appID and appToken from our account directly?

  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz


    You need to set it up in Estimote SDK.


  • Avatar
    Therdpun Klinjun

    Where exactly do I put

    [ESTBeaconManager setupAppID:@"appid" andAppToken:@"apptoken"];

    to authorised the Temperature function?

  • Avatar
    Piotr Krawiec

    Your AppDelegate's application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: is a good candidate.

  • Avatar
    Camilo Ortiz

    Hi, i got a question. Can i generate the App ID and App Token for an Android Application? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Marta Kosmala

    Hi Camilo, yes you can generate them for an Android app. Which version of the Android SDK are you using? We have just released a new one so be sure to keep it up to date!

  • Avatar
    Camilo Ortiz

    Hi Marta, thanks for the quick response. I'm currently using Android 4.4, can you explain me how, please?

  • Avatar
    Marta Kosmala

    You just need to add a new app in the Cloud and the ID/Token will be generated automatically.

  • Avatar

    I have token and app ID, what next for iPhone?

  • Avatar
    Marta Kosmala

    Hi Gopal,

    Check our quick start guide on Developer's portal:

    If you get stuck during development, remember you can always post a question on our forums as well: https://forums.estimote.com

  • Avatar
    Marta Kosmala

    Hi Gopal,

    I can see that you already posted on the forum here:
    so we'll reply there.

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    Aman Virk


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