London agency is transforming real estate with Estimote Beacons


Real estate is one of those fields where businesses have recently picked great interest in using iBeacon technology to boost their cusotmers’ experience. One of the leading examples of how beacons can create new opportunities in this business is London agency spicerhaart land & new homes, with their own contextually aware app, taking advantage of Estimote Beacons installed around their apartments.

Wharf E5 is spicerhaart’s development of 124 luxury apartments in London. The agency used beacons to make the visit of potential buyer more interesting and engaging from the very moment they cross the doorstep. Once they enter the apartment, a greeting message is triggered, based on proximity to a beacon. Then, the user can easily look up an interactive plan of the building, get access to more multimedia content about the whole development and even win some iTunes coupons.

But spicerhaart’s app for Wharf E5 is not only about the digital experience for the end user. The project also has tremendous value for the company. They gather anonymous, aggregate data on how potential clients move through the apartment and which rooms and locations catch their interest for the longest time. In real estate, such information is invaluable. It actually allows developers and architects to design flats and apartments more suited for the needs of people who will live there in the future.

By using beacons we hope to change the way in which property is built in the future to better optimise living space and produce a customer experience like no other, with Estimote we can achieve this and look forward to that future together, says Matt Hamilton-Dale, Digital Marketing Director at spicerhaart land & new homes.

Londoners can check the Wharf E5 app on iTunes right now!

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