Retail made awesome by Thirdshelf


We all have a vision of how the future of retail looks like. Frictionless payment, personalised ads, holograms. Thirdshelf, company based in Montreal, tries to bring this future closer to us. They’re working on a SaaS solution for all retailers. Thanks to that you’ll be able to build your own royalty app. If you’re afraid that this will be expensive then you can’t be more wrong. One of the main goal for Thirdshelf is to help everyone enter the future of retail - small shops and big supermarkets.

Thirdshelf already showed their vision at the Dx3 digital business expo in Montreal, you can read more about it here.

The great thing about this company and its solution is that it presents a very holistic approach. They do not only provide you with a tool to build a great personalized mobile app but they also give you knowledge of your customer.

An integration with Estimote Beacons gives data that you’ve always dreamed of having. Greet your customers by name, know their previous purchase history and basing on that, propose something they’ll love to buy. This personal touch will definitely highly affect your sales.


Thirdshelf’s tag-line is: “Retail made awesome”, thanks to them it will truly be.


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