Tab is uberizing dining with Estimote Beacons


Here at Estimote, we’re excited to see how rapidly restaurants are picking up iBeacon and micro-location and how eager they are to improve customer’s visit and make it as seamless as possible with those technologies. Great examples include Cover, Downtown and Clover. Now, Tab is joining the crew by integrating their payments app with Estimote Beacons.

Tab is a Toronto-based startup doing for dining what Uber is for catching a ride. The idea is stunning in its simplicity: you set up an account in Tab and after you order your meal, you only need to check in and tell the waiter that you’re paying with Tab. Then, the system takes care of the rest. You don’t need to ask and wait for the receipt - everything related to the payment is done under the app’s hood. What’s more, you can also split the bill with your friends with a touch of a button. It works like magic!

If that wasn’t cool enough, then using iBeacon to reduce friction even further certainly is. Remember that part about checking in? Tab has started installing Estimote Beacons in partnership with restaurants, so that you don’t have to care about that step anymore. The app will do that for you, once you come in range of a beacon. But that’s not everything! The beacons are there also to inform and remind you about the fact that this particular venue accepts Tab.

We are always on the lookout for innovative, new technologies at Tab to enhance the dining experience. iBeacons allows us to send a notification to users whenever they’re in one of our restaurants. This ensures that diners never miss an opportunity to pay with Tab and provides us with micro-location analytics on customers for merchants/restaurants. We also plan to deliver promotions to users on behalf of our restaurants and add a lot of other cool features down the road as we grow. This allows us to build a whole range of new tools to drive customer adoption and motivate loyal behaviour, said Glen Yi, iOS Engineer at Tab Payments.

Paying with Tab is possible in over 35 restaurants around Toronto. You can check the full list on Foursquare. The app is available for download in App Store and in Google Play.

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