How to configure your beacons for Indoor Location?


To achieve the best results with Estimote Indoor Location, you first need to configure Location Beacons for optimal performance.

The required settings:

  • Estimote Location packet: enabled
  • Location packet's Broadcasting Power: 4 dBm
  • Location packet's Advertising Interval: 200 ms (or less for better results)
  • Smart Power Mode enabled. It’s optional, but Indoor Location settings are quite power-hungry, so it will help conserve the battery life.

You can adjust settings manually or Estimote Indoor Location app can do it for you.

Configuring beacons with Indoor Location app

During the location setup process, the app will configure beacons automatically. Confirm and put them close to the phone, so the app can proceed with the update.

Remember that the beacons need to be assigned to your Estimote Account for the configuration process to work! If they’re not, you will need to transfer ownership to your account:

How to transfer beacons and manage ownership settings?

Do I need to go through this configuration step every time I set up a new location?

You need to go through this process each time you're creating a new location with the Indoor Location app. That's because information about beacons is saved in Estimote Cloud and assigned to your location.

If you're setting up the location programmatically with Indoor Location SDK, you don't need to go through the in-app configuration, but you need to manually adjust beacon settings.

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