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Maintaining a staff and staying aware of their needs is one of the main functions for  management. At all levels of a company, managers need to keep track and be aware of employee needs, for many reasons, they’re responsible for them and their work. Even such trivial things such as tracking work time is very important for company’s culture and helps improve team flow. All Hours service offers a great attendance tracking software for small businesses, and they’ve decided to implement Estimote Beacons to their solution.

The All Hours App (@AllHoursCom) allows time clocking using a mobile phone. Beacons provide a fixed microlocation, which helps maintain employees daily work schedules by having a precise “check-in” location. This will be a new major feature.

An employee’s presence will be registered automatically at work when they arrive near a beacon. While the mobile device doesn’t need to have a constant Internet Connection to record attendance, the app will synchronize whenever it has a chance to briefly connect to its mobile data or Wi-Fi. A manager constantly has access to all beacon data through a web browser which makes the entire experience a breeze.

The beacon functionality has not been launched yet, but it’ll be available for both Android and iOS.

“We have chosen Estimote because it supports both generic and Apple interface. And because of developer support. And because it looks good on the wall” - mentioned Andrija Pusic.

David Sakelsek was the lead developer. Andrija Pusic, as the product manager, and Tone Stanovnik, as the general manager, were responsible for whole concept.

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