Lightcurb and Estimote keep pushing school innovation in Kuwait


Just recently Gavin Smart, ADE and teacher at British Clevedon School, wrote a post on our blog about how beacons can make their positive impact on education. Schools all over the world are starting to explore how they can use this technology either to make teaching easier, to improve the classroom experience or to help provide parents with relevant information. Estimote Beacons traveled as far as to Kuwait, where they’ve been deployed and integrated with the Lightcurb platform.

Mariam Mokhtar is currently leading the ‘interactive school’ project at Kuwaiti Abraq Khaitan high school for girls. They partnered with Dutch company Snakeware to create an easy-to-use interface for parents to be able to quickly access information while they attend parent’s evenings. They placed Estimote Beacons in different departments of the school complex and utilized Snakeware’s Lightcurb iBeacon management tool and app to push content based on user’s current position. Thanks to that, parents can be informed where they should be headed, what’s the timetable of the meetings or what’s the exam schedule for a specific subject their children are taking. The school’s staff can update the information in a matter of seconds through Lighcurb’s content management tool.

It’s amazing to see the growth of the trend to bring iBeacon onboard by educational institutions. What’s even more inspiring, is the fact that this is one of the fields where we observe the most innovation and drive to approach the technology from a number of angles. In Abraq Khaitan, they push information to parents, in Clevedon beacons are a tool for teachers, while Punch Alert takes advantage of the location context to make campuses safer. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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