Is Indoor Location SDK available on Android?


For now, Indoor Location SDK is available only for iOS mobile devices. Android version is definitely on our roadmap and we’ll proceed to develop it. 

The main reason why it wasn’t developed simultaneously for both platforms is that every Android device is different and they use different Bluetooth antennas. Indoor Location is based on complex algorithms that take into account antenna's position, quality, orientation. There are also differences in Bluetooth support across devices and version of Android.

It takes a lot of time to develop such a complex tool like the Indoor Location SDK for hundreds of popular devices running Android. That is why at the beginning we focused on iOS environment but we still keep in mind that a lot of our developers want to try it out on others systems.

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    Jim Komara

    So does this mean that we would not be able to develop an android app that uses the location sdk? Is there a work around to be able to develop android, iphone and windows with your devices that would allow the system to detect the location of the app user?

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    I have the same question. Can the Android SDK using proximity help for a workaround solution?

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    Is there some crude implementation or some algorithm we can use for such purpose?

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    Vignesh R

    Can you provide with algorithm so that we can try in android devices 5.0 which has standard Bluettoth LE for indoor positioning

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    Madhu Singh

    can you please give a rough idea by when the indoor positioning sdk will be available for android.

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