The Room Finder - book the conference room with Estimote Beacons


No matter if you are working in a big or small company you probably have already experienced difficulties with booking a conference room for a proper meeting. 

Normally you need to go to the calendar, check the availability of a room and create an event for the meeting. M2mobi has a demo solution for simplifying this process, you can use it as an inspiration. With The Room Finder app you can book chosen meeting room directly from your phone in just 2 steps!

How does it work exactly? Each meeting room has a dedicated beacon. The app scans for beacons to see availability of the room. Once the beacon is detected you can book a room associated with it and choose the convenient time.

In case the room is already booked, you can check who is on the meeting and how long it will last.

The app is still at a demo stage but we believe it is a good use case for everyone who support idea of a smart office. 

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