Estimote Beacons bring more fun to Sitecore Digital Trendspot Australia & New Zealand


Corporate events don’t have to be dull and boring. Every year Sitecore proves that, when they organize their Digital Trendspot conference in Australia to meet, hear feedback and share insight with users of their customer experience platform. This September they teamed up with Object Consulting to enhance the experience of hundreds of people attending Digital Trendspot in Sydney. To achieve that, they leveraged proximity and Estimote Beacons.

Object Consulting had the objective to make the mobile offering of Sydney’s Digital Trendspot more memorable and fun than your usual mobile app for an industry gathering. The goal was also to encourage people to keep networking and find as much value in attending the conference, as possible. The answer they found was: gamification and location context. Object Consulting created the Trendspotter mobile site, which allowed delegates to create their own persona through a short survey. Based on that persona and, of course, microlocation, the organizers could push relevant content to the attendees. Speakers also had access to the Azure-based content management system, which allowed them to send personalized messages even during the keynotes called Live Notes.

In addition to the Trendspotter mobile site, delegates also had the opportunity to play the Trendraider game, a beacon-based treasure hunt with a twist. Out of over 400 people who attended Sitecore’s Digital Trendspot, almost half downloaded the Trendraider Apple or Android apps. The game required attendees to find beacons placed around the venue at key points of interest. Once all beacons were discovered, attendees unlocked a final quest to find an ‘ancient guardian’, which was secretly one of the attendees at the conference. The first five to succeed in locating a guardian, went into the draw to win the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Sitecore’s app offered delegates a really unique experience. Where else do you get an opportunity at a conference to not just personalize the agenda, but to personalize the content that the keynote sent to you? said Nicole Stirling, Marketing Director at Sitecore.

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