More intelligence for healthcare with SAP HANA and Estimote


We’ve already seen Interdobs team bringing the power of SAP HANA data analytic tools and micro-location context to retail with their Mediva Store demo. Now they’re going a step further, and integrating stacks from SAP and Estimote to empower healthcare professionals with much-needed data and context surrounding it.

SAP Hana is one of the most powerful data-crunching cloud tools out there. Interdobs used it to build a platform for hospitals and other healthcare institutions, enabling them to take better care of patients. It allows for tracking and updating all sorts of information and how it’s changing over time. Integration with iBeacon adds another layer of granularity to the whole solution: micro-location context. This is precisely what Interdobs was looking for to enhance it’s healthcare offering and managed to achieve that with Estimote Beacons.

Each patient is assigned to a particular beacon installed in the hospital. Therefore, every time a physician would approach someone during a visit, datasheet would pop up on his smartphone or tablet to provide the medical record. Any new information can be easily added and saved in the HANA-based backend. But Interdobs didn’t stop there. They also integrated Estimote Indoor Location to track patients and leveraged beacons’ temperature sensors to monitor conditions in every room. All data was stored and analyzed with HANA cloud tools. Data-driven approach to problems is especially important in healthcare, and with this kind of solutions physicians can get real-time insight into all sorts of information to make better-informed decisions.

It was little over a year ago when I laid eyes on Estimote Beacons for the first time. They bridge the gap between physical data-rich spaces and our day-to-day interactions within them. Beacons are the mechanism to glean this intelligence and HANA provided a place to store and process it. wrote Ronald Konijnenburg, Chief Innovation Officer at Interdobs. You can read more about his thoughts on integrating beacons with HANA on our blog.

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