How to update beacon's firmware?


Keep your beacons updated to enjoy all the new features which we add on a regular basis. Each update also brings bug fixes and security tweaks so you'll always want to have the latest firmware installed for the best experience.

You need beacons assigned to your Estimote Account in the cloud (see: How to create Estimote Account) and a smartphone with Estimote iOS or Android app.

Update procedure

  • Open the ‘Configuration’ section in the Estimote app.
  • Place a beacon next to your device and select it from the radar or list view.
  • You need to log in to your account if you haven’t already done so.
  • Click on a `Firmware’ button on iOS (you should see a small icon next to the button which means that a new update is ready)  and `Operating System’ on Android. 
  • Don’t worry if the update pauses - it might take a few minutes.

Your beacons are up to date now!

Finally, it's also possible to update beacons using our SDK. You can use the ESTUpdateFirmwareDemo from Examples to do that.

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  • Avatar
    Steve Muggleton

    Where are the instructions for managing beacons with Android?

  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Steve,

    Currently, the firmware update funcionality is only possible via iOS app and SDK. That's because the Android counterpart is not yet integrated with Estimote Cloud. We're planning to roll this out later this year.


  • Avatar
    Matt Peterson

    Lame. I really hope that the Android SDK can be made to work with Estimote Cloud soon. Estimote is useless to me until I have a fully functioning SDK. :-) If developer stats follow overall user stats, you're ignoring 52% of developers.

  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Matt,

    We're commited to bringing full Estimote Cloud support to the Android SDK later this year. I'm sorry I cannot give an exact ETA just yet, but we're definitely not ignoring the Android community, especially that we keep seeing more and more inquiries about that.

    The decision about going 'iOS first' was made because majority of the projects were, and are, being made with Apple's platform. That's why we've decided to focus on building a great set of tools for iOS developers, instead of spreading our resources over a couple of platforms. Thanks to that, over the past few months we've been following a very agile development cycle and have made some imporant releases. That's why soon we'll be able to allocate more resources to bringing the Android experience on par with our iOS SDK :)


  • Avatar
    erol özkan

    I tried to update my beacon with android app and it got stucked at 10% progress.
    And then my beacon became invisible in ble scans and estimote's app.
    And for 2 days i am waiting for an answer from contact@estimote
    this is how you stand back at your products?

  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Erol,

    Sorry for the delayed response. We're doing our best to repond timely to all inquiries, but please not we're not yet offering 24h support over weekends :)

    As explained over email: please use the 'FirmwareUpdate' demo from the examples in our SDK. It should allow you to connect to the beacons and restart the update procedure. Note you will need the App ID and token, that you can find in the 'apps' section on the cloud.


  • Avatar
    Raul Alvarez Aguileta

    I'm having the same problem, everytime i tried to update the firmware the Estimote App stucks at 10%, the App version is: 0.9.

    How can I fix that problem?


  • Avatar
    erol özkan

    I guess you need to make sure there is no other signal sources nearby.

    and for me it was the batteries. The beacon was dead after I tried to update it. Changing the batteries fixed the problem.

  • Avatar
    Tanya Schneider

    Hi - can multiple beacons be updated at once rather than one at at time?

  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Tanya,

    Estimote Cloud and our iOS app both allows for batch updating beacon settings. It's explained in details right here:

    However, it does not allow for firmware updates yet: those still need to be done one by one.


  • Avatar
    Joost van Lier

    We are trying to update our beacons from version 4.8 to 4.10 however the update process is stuck at 10%.
    We are currently updating from iOS 10.2.X. Could you please help us?

  • Avatar
    Cameron Norton

    Same problem as above, have tried on Iphone and Android but they crash after hanging at 10% for a while.

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