ReachPlus gets micro-location alerts just right with Estimote Beacons


Communicating time-sensitive information to users at specific locations within an enterprise has always been a challenge. Typically, a mass notification product can broadcast messages either to everyone or to a custom group of recipients. But what if you want to send a notification to the occupants of the 3rd floor cafeteria, to everyone in the conference room located on the 1st floor and to the nurses at the ground floor nursing station all at once? ReachPlus Alerts has overcome this challenge thanks to Estimote Beacons and allows for emergency and non-emergency messages to be sent to users at very specific locations as needed.  

With beacons placed at strategic locations, recipients can receive highly-targeted alerts that save time and improve operational efficiency. ReachPlus Alerts provides enterprises with a dedicated communication channel that lets message initiators target conference rooms, offices, hallways, kiosks and other such locations.

A micro-location can represent any location in or out of a building and can have a varying number of occupants or recipients. What’s more, the ability to set validity periods for sent messages lets anyone visiting the micro-location during this time to receive any important messages that are valid for that region.

Beacons make this possible as they allow for emergency alerts, important notifications, and other time-sensitive information to be sent to all potential recipients by letting ReachPlus know of the user devices that happen to be in close proximity. The ReachPlus Alerts application, which is installed within your organization, goes on to notify just those devices, allowing for highly targeted messages to be delivered to recipients within seconds. It’s the perfect way to get a critical message to your users no matter where they may be.

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