Midi Mantra rocks your smartphone


True fans of the Norwegian group Midi Mantra download a dedicated app to stay connected with the band. The Midi Mantra app is integrated with SoundCloud, but it’s only one of its features. Midi Mantra’s new app also allows people to contact the group via email or Facebook, dig through gig photos and look at the map to check where and when their next concert is taking place. Midi Mantra also updated their app to use Estimote beacons.


“I chose iBeacon technology as it is a nice way to reach people locally in the real world.” said Thomas Nordahl, creator of the Midi Mantra app.

Thanks to beacons stuck at the entrance of each venue, Midi Mantra can “personally” greet every fan and offer a free beer as a welcoming gift. With these new experiences Midi Mantra is pioneering event spaces by bringing their fans closer in ways never done before,  all thanks to the beacon enabled app by Nordahl.


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