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Home automation is now being taken to another level thanks to the Huevolution app developed by Futura Epsis 1. The iOS app is working with Philips Hue, LIFX, Estimote Beacons and connects with OS X and iCloud too.

Besides it’s timeless minimalistic and lovely detailed design as a product, Huevolution incorporates years of research in ambient computing and the understanding of human habits and needs. 


It’s not only about triggering particular actions based on your presence in different locations.
It’s much more than that. Huevolution incorporates a (speaking) AI that learn your habits and adjusts the environment to meet your needs.

Imagine entering your kitchen on Sunday morning after spending hours in the bedroom - your laptop slowly fades-in your weekend chillout-playlist while your lights follow you smoothly to prepare breakfast. Huevolution will consider this as a human routine categorising it as a habit of yours. It understands that “breakfast” after 6 pm is called “dinner” claiming to be hungry too out of your pocket.

Fell asleep on the couch again while everything is up and running luckily being woken up by the AI so you can go to bed?
Waking up too early trying to have a silent breakfast so your kids won’t wake up?

It’s possible thanks to the option of attaching multiple actions to different locations and dependencies. For instance where were you before, how long you’ve been there and more.

Inspired by mechanisms in the human brain, Huevolution tries to determine what action to trigger through decision trees and ratings. This all happens without any further user-interaction than your location. Huevolution even runs in the background, notifying you about when it feels like it’s time for an action.

Dive deep into home automation right now and experience it yourself:




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