How does an Estimote Beacon work?


Estimote Beacon is a tiny computer that broadcasts radio signal. Your smartphone can pick up and interpret this signal. Powered by a coin battery, it has an ARM processor, memory, Bluetooth Smart module, and temperature and motion sensors.

When an eligible mobile app enters the signal's region, corresponding actions can be triggered. You need Bluetooth enabled for the magic to happen.


Estimote SDK and Cloud tie everything together by granting apps access to additional features, including security layer, fleet management, and indoor location.

To get started with our SDK, visit Estimote Developer Portal.

To learn more about Estimote Cloud, explore our knowledge base.


Estimote Beacons are compatible with Estimote Monitoring as well as two popular BLE beacon protocols: iBeacon (by Apple) and Eddystone (by Google). They ship with Estimote Monitoring enabled by default as it offers much better accuracy and beacon detection compared to the other 2 protocols.

Estimote Stickers use our own protocol we called Nearable. You can read more about it in another community article.

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