How can I adjust stickers’ settings?


Currently, you can change settings for:

  • Broadcasting Power
  • Advertising Interval
  • Transmitted packet
  • Packet details

To adjust settings on a sticker:

  1. open Estimote app and log into your account
  2. tap on a sticker you want to adjust. Make sure it's assigned to your account
  3. if you need to transfer beacons to your account, read how to do that here
  4. tap on the value you want to edit
  5. nudge the sticker to connect: only when it's in motion it will become connectible
  6. input the new value

Broadcasting Power is set by default to -12dBm which results in a range of up to 7 meters. You can set it to the maximum value of 4 dBm, which results in range of up to 15 meters.

Advertising Interval is controlled by an adaptive algorithm that ensure responsiveness when stickers are in use, and power savings when not. By default, Interval is set to 2.6 seconds when the sticker is static, and changes to a lower value when it's put in motion. You can change the static Advertising Interval to any value between 100 ms and 5,000 ms.

To support configurable settings, stickers should be running firmware version SA1.1.0 or newer. You can update stickers with the iOS app and SDK as well.

In the future, adjusting settings and firmware update will also be a part of Android tools.

Change Packet Type 

Stickers starting from firmware version 1.3 support both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols (Eddystone-URL format).

You can change it in the latest release of the Estimote iOS app or the Estimote Android app. Tap on a sticker and go to 'Primary Packet Type'. Pick the one you want to enable and it's done. Don't forget to nudge the sticker to connect.


Sticker's Nearable packet is our home-grown packet that allows to transmit more data without connecting ot it. Read more about our this advertising packet to learn about all the benefits.

Battery considerations

When designing the stickers, our goal was to provide the best possible experience with the least set-up effort required from the user. We’ve aimed for a mix of optimal performance with reduced power consumption.

On default settings, Estimote Stickers should work for about a year on a single battery. Keep in mind that changing broadcasting settings (Broadcasting Power and Advertising Interval) will affect battery performance. Very low Advertising Interval may dramatically shorten sticker's life.

Visit Estimote Developer Portal to learn more about the tech behind stickers.

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  • Avatar

    This is helpful. Thanks. I understand this approach. Do all stickers still share one UUID?

  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Bernd,

    No, neither their iBeacon ID nor the sticker ID are shipped with a fixed value.


  • Avatar
    Shrestha, Surabhi

    Hello Wojtek,

    I puchased10 stickers set from Estimote on May 12th 2016. I started using them from 9th June 2016. They were working fine. Then I transferred them to another Estimote account on 14th June 2016. They suddenly stopped being detected even from estimote iOS app. Please help.


  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Surabhi,

    Sorry to hear that. I received an email from you, will continue troubleshooting there.


  • Avatar
    Peter McNally

    The lack of Android support for updating sticker firmware is disturbing.

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