What data do stickers broadcast?


Stickers broadcast three advertising packets:

  • Nearable every 1250 ms in motion, 2500 ms when still
  • iBeacon (UUID, Major Minor) every 5 s
  • Eddystone-URL.

We built the Nearable format from the ground up. It allows us to transmit much more data in the packet itself, without a need to connect to the sticker.

Broadcasting iBeacon allows access to Apple’s Core Location-based features, like putting your app’s icon on the lock screen. But because the iBeacon packet is broadcast at long intervals, we advise against basing stickers interactions on iBeacon.

You can also set the sticker to broadcast iBeacon as a Primary packet and follow the monitoring flow used for beacons. Go to our Developer Portal to start.

Take a look at the list of information that we’ve fit into Nearable packet:

  • unique sticker ID
  • raw x, y, z accelerometer readings
  • is the sticker in motion?
  • for how long has the sticker been in motion?
  • temperature
  • hardware version
  • firmware version
  • battery level

Other details are downloaded from Estimote Cloud:

  • sticker type (e.g. dog or fridge)
  • color


Eddystone-URL allows to broadcast the link of your choice and make a sticker a part of Physical Web family. Read more about Eddystone and Physical Web here:



Note that at this time sticker ID cannot be changed. You can change the UUID, Major, and Minor when setting them to broadcast iBeacon packet.  Learn more about changing  stickers' settings  in a separate article.


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    Thanks for this information. I understand that the beacon IDs currently cannot be changed. Does this also apply to the information about the type of sticker being broadcasted as part of the special "Estimote Stickers Packet"?

    It would be really helpful to be able to set a custom "type" string for more universal usage. Is this already possible?

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    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Bernd,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that. It's not possible just yet, but we're considering that. Will keep your feedback in mind!


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    Anders Borg

    Is the UUID for the iBeacon packet the same as for other Estimotes (B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D)? The Estimote app can't find any Stickers, so I guess not, or is it deactivated by default?

    I have the fridge app, and it can communicate with a sticker, so at least the sticker I use is not broken.


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    Anders Borg

    The UUID is different (the 4 least significant bytes) for each sticker, or maybe it's specific to the different types of stickers?

    iOS doesn't allow wildcard UUIDs as far as I know, making it hard to make a catch-all solution. Do you handle that in your SDK somehow?

    I set up my fridge sticker's UUID in my beacon platform, and it could no doubt find it, but as mentioned they are invisible to your original app. Not that they can be configured, but it would be practical to find them if lost :).

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    Wojtek Borowicz


    Each sticker has a different UUID, but right now the iBeacon data for stickers is not available. In the upcoming updates we will expose it to the developers though. Keep in mind, however, that the core element of sticker's broadcast is the sticker type and ID: it's broadcast more often than iBeacon.

    As for the app: the stickers should be visible on the radar. Are you using the latest version of Estimote app?


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    Anders Borg

    Responded via Gmail. Oops!

    Yes, latest version. iOS works fine. Android not so much.


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    is this "new advertising packet" documented anywhere ? So we can actually use this on android by doing our own scanner.
    Seems like you fail to deliver in the SDK for the last 3 months (based on previous comment by Anders) . The android app still does not show the Stickers.
    I really want to use temperature sensing with advertisement packets, but I am too lazy to reverse engineer your advertisement packets.

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    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi there,

    Really sorry to keep you waiting. These are actually two thing we're looking to deliver in the next couple of weeks: support for nearables in our Android app and SDK, plus publicly available details on the advertising packet so developers can build their own nearable-enabled apps on whatever platform they want :)


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    Ian Stapleton

    Has there been any movement on publishing information about how to read / decode the raw advertising packet sent from the stickers?

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